11 Wonders of the Central East of Iran

South Khorasun

The South Khorasun amazed me. I wished I had been on the last day of my trip flying back to Tehran, when I was in the plane flying to Birjand. The South Khorasun certainly wasn’t among my first 25 choices to travel between the Iranian 31 provinces. I undertook this journey as a necessity for perfectly visiting Iran and I was unfamiliar with the curious approaching land. South Khorasun demonstrated some things to me that made me salute and praise it numerously.
If the provinces such as Fars, Isfahan, Yazd, Khorasun Razavi, Kerman, Gilan, Mazandaran, Hormozgan, Kermanshah, Azerbaijan, etc, have not let you notice South Khorasun up to now, I am going to provide you with 11 wonders and guides for traveling to the third most extensive province of Iran to set the hesitation aside and not to repeat my mistake to postpone visiting this lovely province. I only managed to explore these 11 wonders on this trip but I have no doubt that South Khorasun has got much more hidden wonders and attractions. However, even a couple of the items which I mention are enough for making the decision to go… Continue reading

Street Tourism – MrTripic

Picture exploring Paris without strolling in the Champs-Elysses! Or Barcelona without walking in the Rambla or Istanbul without walking in the Istiklal avenue! And as a tangible example, conceive Tehran without strolling in the Valiasr street or Isfahan without sitting in the Naghsh-e-Jahan square. A significant amount of our experiences are shaped shaped in the street tourism, without us noticing it. In the other words, our cognizance of our trip destinations is widely affected by the streets of the cities which we opt as the destination. While we are a guest to a city as a tourist, the streets are some things more than the routs to the touristic attractions and destinations Many of the streets are throughly touristic attractions by themselves and their roles as routes are influenced by their roles as attractions. Continue reading